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Since building our first township road in 1949, Gratech has built hundreds of miles of interstate, state, county and township roads throughout North Dakota and the surrounding states. We bring to each project proven management skills, the highest safety standards, and the right equipment and personnel to get the job done.


In 1997, Gratech constructed in Montana the first “Loop Track” transload facility to be used for agricultural purposes in the United States. Since that time, along with hundreds of miles of straight line trackage, we have constructed more than 30 additional loop track projects, including several “fast track” projects to serve the crude oil transportation industry. We have consistently met owner established timelines for completion of these projects. Gratech’s participation has consisted of facility sitework and construction of the trackbed, including grading and sub-ballast items, along with supply of ballast to the rail contractor.

Industrial & Commercial Projects

Every earthwork project is different. Each site is unique. Gratech works closely with owners and engineers to help design and build a site that not only meets, but exceeds expectations and needs.

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