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About Us


Gratech Company, LLC can trace its beginnings to the winter of 1948-49 when snowfall covered telephone and power lines in northwest North Dakota. F.L. (Bub) Neshem and the Caterpillar D-4 Dozer used on the Neshem farm were hired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to clear snow. As family legend has it, Bub worked day and night all winter in an open-air cab to help keep roads and driveways open. In the spring of 1949, Bub purchased a Caterpillar D-6 crawler tractor/scraper and began doing earthmoving projects for area farmers and townships.

Fast forward to today, and the company now known as Gratech Company, LLC is a major builder of highways, airports, railroads, and agricultural and industrial sites throughout the region.


Gratech utilizes the most current GPS technology on every job we build, and is currently the largest user of TopCon GPS systems in the upper Midwest. This technology allows us to accurately build a project without extensive staking or surveying. With all GPS modeling done internally, Gratech builds each job right the first time.


Gratech Company, LLC is still a family organization, with members of three generations involved in day-to-day operations. We have over 200 experienced employees in the field, each with the skills and character needed to perform to the highest standards.

Our extensive, company-owned equipment fleet and access to short-term rental units means Gratech always has the right equipment for the job.


Gratech is committed to keeping both our employees and the traveling public safe at all times.

We provide:

  • Intense safety training in the off-season

  • Weekly safety meetings during the work season

  • Full time Corporate Safety Officer

  • Site-specific Safety Managers

  • OSHA, MSHA, E-RAILSAFE, ECCS and HAZWOPER certifications

  • CPR and First Aide certification

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